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The Sand Ceremony is a beautiful and unique way to symbolize the new family which is created by your marriage. In this ceremony, you are each represented by a different color of sand (some suggestions include your favorite color or your birthstone), and together you pour your individual vases of sand into one larger vase. The actual wording of this ceremony varies, and I have included a couple of examples. An advantage the Sand Ceremony has over a Unity Candle is that, while Unity Candles are also pretty, they are rarely personalized beyond having your names added, and once they have been used, you have a partially-burnt candle. With the Sand Ceremony, I prompt each of you to create layers with your different colors, thereby ensuring that YOU are the ones creating your own symbol. This is also very nice when there are children coming into the marriage, where they can each join in and be a part of the ceremony. Another idea is for a Bride & Groom to use a large vase for their Sand Ceremony and to add more sand later for each child as he or she is born.

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Here are some examples of the Sand Ceremony as it is presented, usually immediately following the Ring Exchange and before the Rose Ceremony (if applicable):

GROOM and BRIDE have chosen to seal their marriage vows with a symbol of their unity. They are each represented by a different color of sand in the smaller vases, everything they are and have been to this day, a member of their own family and separate. As the sand is poured into the center vase, they are symbolizing the joining of these separate lives, and the filled vase will represent the new family formed with this marriage. Just as these grains of sand can no longer be separated again into individual containers, so will they be forever entwined.

Each of the smaller vases contains a different color of sand, representing each of their lives to this moment. They are two distinct and separate containers, each capable of going their separate ways. To bring bliss and happiness to their home there must be the merging of these two into one. This is what God meant when He said: 'On this account, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall be one flesh.' From now on their thoughts shall be for each other rather than for their individual selves. Their plans shall be mutual, their joys and sorrows shall be shared alike. As they each take their sand and together pour them into the center vase, the small vases will be emptied, thus letting the center vase symbolize the union of our lives into one flesh. As this sand cannot be divided, neither shall their lives be divided. May the presence of this vase in their home from this day forward be a witness of their unity in Christ.

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