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Commitment Ceremony

It is not a legally binding ceremony, recognized by the state, nor is there a legal license needed.

But a Commitment Ceremony is exactly that: An exchange of your vows of love and dedication to each other, vows which should never be taken lightly. It is a life-long commitment to take the journey of life together, a joyous, powerful, and whole-hearted trust given to each other, for sharing your life with someone is the greatest gift one can give and finding your true soul mate is a wonderful and unique experience worthy of acknowledgement and celebration. There can be many reasons for celebrating your relationship with a commitment ceremony, and every one is as unique as the people who are a part of it.

As your Officiant, I am committed to helping you discover the perfect ceremony, the one which tells the world exactly what you mean to each other. It can be very simple yet elegant, or it can incorporate prayers, poems, readings and more. You can invite family members to take part in your ceremony, or you can make it very intimate, just for the two of you.

My name is Rev. Tara DeLin Sherman, and I am a professional Wedding Officiant and ordained Minister. I believe that the perfect ceremony is one that you will be able to look back on through the years together with happiness and satisfaction. Even a simple elopement on the beach can be beautiful and meaningful.

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