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Simple Photographix

Simple Photografix, another subsidiary of Good Vibrations Entertainment, now offers simple photography services, similar in number and quality to our Photo Galleries. The photos are actually posted on Photobucket, from which you can order a DVD or CD, or just download photos onto your computer. Prices for this service range from $50 (weekday) to $75 (weekend), and it is dependent upon availability.

This add-on package (only available in conjunction with our Officiant Services) is recommended for small groups who want to have memories they can share without paying the high prices asked for by professional photographers or having to ask one of their guests to take photos. Remember, this is NOT a professional photography service; it simply gives you some photos of your event that you would not otherwise have had at a price you can afford. You will find examples here: You can also read a review of this service, as well as of our Officiant service, from a former client at the Channel 2 website here:

The quality and number of your photos is dependent upon several factors, particularly the lighting, weather, and number of guests. See our photo galleries for examples.

Please call for details 407-365-2220.

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A discount may apply if you were to use both our services. Clicking their link to the right will take you to their web site.

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