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Decorated Garden Arch or Bouquet Rental

4 Ever Together Weddings has a decorated Garden Arch available for rent.
Please see our Rental Agreement below for details.


Decorated Garden Arch or Bouquet Rental

Please read the following agreement carefully and sign below once you have agreed to all the requirements by INITIALING each section below.

_____ I agree to pay a non-refundable rental fee and a security deposit upon ordering a rental piece(s) from 4 Ever Together Weddings. I understand the security deposit will be equal in value to the retail price of the rental piece(s), including any decorations, accessories, etc.

_____ I understand that the security deposit will be refunded providing item is returned in perfect condition. Perfect condition means that it is returned to the custody of 4 Ever Together Weddings in the condition that it left - there are no exceptions. If the item is delivered and picked up by 4 Ever Together Weddings, the above conditions still apply. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the safe placement, use, and storage of rental item(s) and that the security deposit will not be returned should the item(s) sustain any damage or only returned in part should the item(s) require cleaning.

_____ I understand rentals that are not included with either OFFICIANT or DJ packages are on a one-day basis and must be returned to 4 Ever Together Weddings within 24 hours of the pick-up/drop-off time. If I fail to return the rental item within the allotted time, 4 Ever Together Weddings will charge me for another day's rental.

_____ I understand that rentals which are included with either OFFICIANT or DJ packages will only be available for use during the time period specified on my OFFICIANT or DJ contract. The rental piece(s) will not be available past the time period specified.

4 Ever Together Weddings accepts only the following forms of payment for rental and deposit fees:


Money Order

Personal and/or Business Check: May be used up to 3 weeks (21 days) prior to the rental date. The check will be deposited. When the item(s) is returned, you will receive a refunded security deposit check from 4 Ever Together Weddings, subject to the provisions outlined above. Any returned checks incur an immediate $50.00 fee - no exceptions.

_____ I understand and accept the above conditions and assume full responsibility for the item(s) I am renting.

Signature __________________________________

Date __________________________________

Name __________________________________

Home Phone __________________________________

Address __________________________________

Work Phone __________________________________

City, State, Zip __________________________________

Email __________________________________

Event Date __________________________________

Item Rental only? __________________________________

Rental Item Rental Fee Security Deposit
Decorated Garden Arch 50.00 90.00
Decorated Arch with Wings 75.00 115.00
Silk Bridal Bouquet 10.00 15.00

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